Saturday, 2 January 2016

My 2016 bucket list


Omg i just watched Finland-Canada Ice Hockey game (World junior Ice Hockey Championships) and Finland won!

I can't believe it's 2016 already! 2015 was really nice year and i hope this year will be even more awesome! 

I'm sorry that i couldn't post on Christmas but i was so busy and after Christmas we went to skiing to Vuokatti and i didn't have a computer...

But anyways here i am and i wanted to do a 2016 bucket list, so there's basically things what i want to do in 2016 :)

Oh and sorry, these pictures are mine from 2015, 'cause i didn't want to use some from WeHeartIt, so the pics will not be really good :D

But anyways, let's start!


Do not eat candies until my birthday (in June)

Get a good report card (or whatever it's called, haha)

Do a DIY video

Go to a other country


See 5sos in Finland and in Estonia (i really hope!)

Do a poster to Sounds Live Feels Live Estonia (if i can go there:( )

Decorate my room

By a Macbook Air


Make new friends

Go to swim in May (it's quite cold there still in May)

Learn to do a good make up

Learn to make different hairstyles


Read a Paper Towns

Go to skiing

Play the Sims 4

Go to jogging at least once in a week


Don't buy similar clothes that your friends have(haha if you know what i mean)

Learn to actually speak English

Learn at least a little bit French

Post more to the blog


Take many tumblr pictures

Get a perfect Instagram feed

Do many DIY's

Watch a New Sherlock


Do more sports

Write a fanfic

Get an electric guitar

Learn to play American Idiot on the guitar


Do a DIY shirt to SLFL Finland

Buy the flag of Finland to SLFL Estonia (if i can even go lol and yeah, i haven't the flag of Finland :'D) 

Have a perfect tumblr summer

Learn to play the piano


Thank You 2015 and Welcome 2016!♥

xxx Ronja