Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What to do when you're bored?


Seriously, it's only one day to Christmas! I can't believe it because it looks like September here, haha! I try to do a Christmas tradition post tomorrow or 25th day.
Anyways i have just read 5sos fanfics basically my whole holiday and i really need to get my Christmas presents done before Thursday xd. Actually i tried to play the Sims 3 too and i had so cool family (basically they looked like Michael Clifford, Luke and Ben Hemmings and Nia Lovelis haha) but then my old computer died and i couldn't save it :(
I really need a new computer and the Sims 4...

But yeah, i was kinda bored, so i decided to do this "What to do when you're bored" post. I really don't have anything to say about it but i finally got the Flickr and found out how this works so i hope these pictures are at least a little bit better than my old ones :D



1. Do a list about something
I don't know why, but i really love to do lists about everything, and i have so many different lists in my notebook. For example:
Blog posts
Netflix series
Concerts i want to go
Places i want to visit



2. Search some old photos
Especially now, when it's winter here it's really nice to look at some photos from last summer and just think back to your favourite memories.




3. WeHeartIt
Always when i'm bored, i just go to WeHeartIt and search cool or inspirational photos and add them to different albums.



4. Read a book
How about next time when you are bored and go to watch some cat videos, you instead read a book or fanfic?
I'm reading Paper Towns at the moment and it seems so good. And i'm a bit obsessed with fanfics and i just finished Friendzoned from Wattpad and it was r-e-a-l-l-y good, haha




5. Do a memory jar
I just absolutely love this! All you have to do is write your favourite moments and the dates to a paper and put them to your jar. a Few years later you can read all of them and think back to your favourite moments... again xd




6. Go to a park
Especially if the weather is nice, you can just go to a park near to your house and take some cool photos (well, mine is not really cool but i bet you can take better photos than me :'D)




7. Choose some outfits
I love to try how my different clothes fit together and sometimes i found that they match really good together. Maybe you can also find your favourite outfit?




8. Listen to 5sos
Haha, if you don't want to do any of my ideas, you can always listen to 5sos :))


Sooo, hope you like it and i really want to know what do you like to do when you're bored :)

xxx Ronja

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas lights

Hey again!

(yeah, this post is about Christmas lights)

Haha I guess I have never before make two posts in two days...

I was with my friend today and we took some Christmas pictures, but I didn't edit them yet so I'll post them later :D

Anyways I was kinda bored, so I just decided to post few pics of my Christmas lights. Okay these lights are not actually Christmas lights bacause I'll keep them in my room in the spring and summer time too. But now it's Christmas, so let's just call them Christmas lights :D

Btw, if you didn't know, i'm a big 5sos fan so there's lot's of 5sos pics in my lights. I also add few Christmas decorations to these so they look a bit more Christmassy.

Hope you like my photos :)

xxx Ronja

Friday, 18 December 2015

15 reasons why i love christmas

1. Christmas food
I actually don't like every Christmas foods, but gingerbreads, traditional Finnish mince pies, turkey and CHOCOLATE are just the best food ever♥

2. Christmas songs
I love especially English Christmas songs and I'm just in love with the Pentatonix's new Christmas album!♥

3. Snow
Sadly there's not really much snow yet and there's not snow probably on Christmas either :((
But it's just awesome when there's snow on Christmas♥

4. Candles
I personally don't like to burn (haha i dunno is this right way to say that but...) candles, but i LOVE to have them in my room♥

5. Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration is probably my favourite thing about Christmas. It's absolutely awesome when you wake up and see your room full of christmas decorations. Oh and Christmas DIY's are absolutely the best way to decor your room♥

6. Spending time with my family
I love when I can just play board games or watch Christmas films with my family♥

7. Christmas shopping
It's so nice to walk around the stores and try to find perfect Christmas present to your friends and family♥

8. Drinking hot chocolate and watching Netflix
Nothing is better than going to your own bed with hot chocolate and your laptop and just watch Netflix a whole night♥

9. Christmas lights
I love to walk on a center of the city and just looking for christmas lights on the windows♥

10. Advent calendars
It's the best thing ever to open your calendar on the 1st December and know that there's only 24 days to Christmas♥

11. Christmas cards
I love to make different Christmas cards and it's so nice to get them from your friends and relatives♥

12. Decorating a christmas tree
a Bit before Christmas we decorate our Christmas tree with my family and it's just the most Christmas feel ever♥

13. Making a gingerbread house
It's fun to make own gingerbread house and especially to decorate it♥

14. Chocolate
Haha probably my favourite Christmas food ever. I just love chocolate and Fazer's basic "blue" chocolate is absolutely my favourite♥

15. Holiday
Maybe the best thing about chirstmas, because you don't have to worry about school or hobbies and you can jut relax and spend time with your family♥

Soo, Hey Everybody!

These were my favourite things about christmas. What do you like about Christmas?

I can't believe it's just six days to christmas! It feels like November because there's just little bit snow here. Anyways i'm happy that my christmas holiday began today so maybe i can post now more than once in a month :)

xxx Ronja