Friday, 27 November 2015

TB to summer

Hi everybody!

I can't understand that it's December on Tuesday! It seriously feels like September but it's christmas soon. And there was lot's of snow last weekend, but now it's totally gone...

I am going to do a post of some fangirl room decors hopefully pretty soon so I really hope that someone of you guys is a fangirl.

Okay, but today's post is not going to be about christmas or winter. I was kinda bored so i decided to watch some pictures from this summer and i found few actually pretty nice pics from Venice and Garda Lake, Italy.
So maybe before real winter we can do a little throw back to last summer.

xx Ronja

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hi or Hey

Well, here I am with my "new" lifestyle blog. 

Actually this is pretty old blog but i had like three posts so I decided to delete my old posts and start to write this blog in English. Before I've write blogs only in Finnish of course 'cause I am Finnish but I want to take the challenge and try to write in English.

So my name is Ronja. I'm 14 years old and I live in Finland. If you'll read my blog you'll notice that I am a big 5sos fan and I really love their music. I also like so many other bands for example All Time Low, The Vamps, One Direction, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Wanted, Softengine and I like Troye Sivan. I'm obsessed with 5sos (if you didn't notice yet), music, shopping, books and especially fanfics (e.g Lashton fics), travelling, social medias, sports and photographing.

My posts will be (hopefully) about fashion, room decoration, fangirling (sorry) and just normal life.

You maybe already noticed that my English is actually pretty bad and I have to use Google Translator all the time, but I really hope that if I can keep this blog alive, I can learn to speak (or at least write) English way better.

Well, this post was pretty short and boring but hopefully we'll meet with better posts :)
And also sorry about mistakes

xxx Ronja

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