Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March playlist


So, it's almost April and it's actually stated to look like a spring here but sadly it's still quite cold. I just want a real spring to come soon so I can use my skirts and dresses and stuff like that, haha!

Anyways, today I decided to do a list of my favourite songs at the moment, because I just absolutely love music and especially bands and I have quite many songs I have listen to this month. Actually my friend did excactly the same kinda post in a while ago but I hope it's okay that I do this too xd

Sooo, let's start!

We Don't Have To Dance - Andy Black

Okay, this came out last week, but I just absolutely love this song! I'm a big fan (okay, I have been their fan like one and a half months but...) of Black Veil Brides and Andy Biersack is the lead singer of the band, so obviously I really like his voice. Anyways in May Andy is going to relase his own solo album and We Don't Have To Dance is the first single on the album. This is awesome pop-punk song and I just can't wait for the whole album to come out!♥

November - Sleeping With Sirens

I also really like SWS, and right now I'm really into their kinds slower songs like this one! Oh and as far as I know SWS is going to relase a new acoustic album next week and I can't wait!

Stay Away From My Friends - Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil is another really awesome post-hardcore band and I love all of their songs, but this a bit slower one is my favourite. PTV has also a new album coming out in May and I'm sooo excited about it too!

My House - Pvris

I have to admit that I have heard like three songs from Pvris but i liked those and My House is definitely my favourite. I don't know so much about the band but I'm pretty sure this is like their the most popular song so far...

Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon

Okay so Sleepwalking is a little bit older song from Bring Me The Horizon, which is also one of my favourite bands. The song is a bit "heavier" than the others on this list and it counts lot's of "screaming parts" and stuff like that. I really like metalcore or whatever BMTH's music genre used to be so I think this song is amazing!

Nobody's Hero - Black Veil Brides

As I said before, I'm a big fan of BVB and it was really hard to pic only one song for this list. I ended up to pick Nobody's Hero, just because I've listen to it a bit more than their other songs this week, haha! Anyways, this song is really amazing and I love it so much!♥
(btw, for example Lost It All, Fallen Angels, Faithless and Goodbye Agony are so so so amazing songs and you should check them out as well!)

Therapy - All Time Low

I'm pretty sure that Therapy is almost every ATL fan's favourite but it's just really awesome and beautiful song. I like so many All Time Low's songs but this is just incredible!

Happy Song - Bring Me The Horizon

Oops, sorry I just couldn't choose between Happy Song and Sleepwalking so I had to put both of them on the list. Anyways, I quess Happy Song was the first song I ever heard from BMTH and I think it's really awesome! 

Outer Space / Carry On - 5 Seconds Of Summer

This song is basically two songs in one and I really love both of them! 5sos is absolutely one of my favourite bands and I'm actually seeing the in Estonia next summer (yes, they are going to Finland and I had tickets to there but I had to sell them... It's a long story, haha!). Anyways I love so many 5sos songs but at the moment I somehow like these slower songs more.

I'm sure I forgot few songs, but these songs were pretty much my favourites from March. Hope you'd also like some of them!

xxx Ronja


  1. Well okay maybe I could listen to those songs even though they aren't my type that much ;D
    (already listened to "we don't have to dance" and I kinda love it hehe)

    1. Yasss :D
      JAJEEJEEE mähä sanoi et se on ihan paras biisi! :D

  2. I'm afraid I've never heard of any of these but I'm listing to Therapy right now!

    1. Haha yes, those aren't the most popular bands ever...
      And yayy Therapy is awesome! :D

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